HSBC: Showcasing Talent with Disabilities

22 August 2019
HSBC colleagues and SENsational team members pose for the camera!

SENsational Foundation ('Consultancy' at the time), in partnership with HSBC, held a showcase of the creative talents and skills of people with disabilities. The event began with a breakfast and networking portion which allowed people to interact with each other and observe the art displays. This was followed by a presentation section, beginning with Brian Godins, the Head of HSBC Securities Services (Asia Pacific), who spoke about HSBC's disability and diversity initiatives. 

A presentation was then given by Faride Shroff to introduce the SENsational initiative, and to give an overview of disability in Hong Kong, as well as the work that is being done to better the employment situation for people with diff-abilities. The guest of honour, Mrs. Purviz R. Shroff, also spoke a few words about the importance of giving, and how it leads to a more meaningful life.

The acts on display included a diversity of talent, from photography and sand art to modern dance and musical performance. The sheer talent of the performers delivered the message of how important it is to give people with disabilities the platform to showcase their abilities and talents. The event ended with a silent auction of two paintings, and an opportunity for the attendees to interact with the performers and artists.