Goldman Sachs: Training Workshop

15 October 2015
SENsational staff members, PwD candidates and Goldman Sachs employees pose for a group picture.

On the 15th of October, SENsational Foundation (then 'Consultancy') organised a workshop to help empower students by equipping them with the right tools for CV writing and interview skills. This was in preparation for the upcoming Equal Opportunities Job Fair that would be held in January 2016. After overcoming the initial hesitations and working through some of their personal concerns with the interview process, SENsational Foundation and Goldman Sachs were able to see a visible difference in confidence levels in the way the candidates were able to approach the mock interview questions posed to them.

At the end of the session, SENsational Foundation reminded all participants that each person has something positive to contribute to the world. Every individual has their own strengths and 'diffabilities' (different abilities).

The students were supported by mentors from different corporate backgrounds, who gave them guidance, support and valuable insight.