PDNHK: "Beyond Labels: Reframing Disability Semantics"

24 August 2023

The Professional Disability Network Hong Kong (PDNHK) hosted a thought-provoking panel discussion titled "Beyond Labels: Reframing Disability Semantics", bringing one of the largest audiences together since the organisation's inception in 2021.

The event featured esteemed disability advocates, professionals and academics who engaged in an open dialogue on recent shifts in disability terminology. Panellists shared experiences driving positive changes in semantics that recognise humanity's diverse abilities and move beyond outdated labels. Participants engaged deeply with the issues examined, such as navigating emerging trends like "non-apparent" substituting "invisible" and ensuring policies respect people with disabilities' agency in language selection.

Featured speakers including Nifraz Rifaz of Iron Mountain, Dr. Simon Ng from HKU SPACE, and Tina Arcilla of Manulife brought unique perspectives that stimulated important questions around how mainstream conceptions can evolve, and what they've implemented in their work roles to sustained success. Under the thoughtful moderation of Christina Pantin, the panel discussion served as a platform for exchanging diverse views and encouraged audience participation and questions throughout.

Please refer to the press release, event brief and photographs below for more details on the event.