The Office: Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast Forum

21 September 2018
Faride Shroff, founder and director of SENsational Foundation gives an example of how to lead individuals with visual impairments using a simulatory activity.

There was a SENsational turnout at the Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast Forum last Friday 21st September.

SENsational Foundation (then 'Consultancy') partnered with The Office, who are also passionate about the inclusion of people with disabilities, to bring professionals from various industries together for breakfast, sharing and networking.

After breakfast, the event was kicked off with a meaningful simulation experience, where participants were given the opportunity to reflect on a journey without sight. Nigel Smith, Managing Director of Colliers International, then shared a few words on Collier's inclusive journey with SENsational Foundation, which has resulted in more people with diff-abilities being hired.

A presentation highlighting the business case for employing people with disabilities followed, which included some sharing from the attendees. Danny Khursigara, a member of SENsational Foundation’s advisory board, delivered the final note and received a 100% show of hands when he asked the audience who would hire a person with a disability.